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Enjoy the nutrient rich castor oil that detoxifies and cleanses with Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil Shampoo. This refreshing shampoo contains the same hair moisturizing Cold Pressed Castor Oil that makes your hair soft, smooth, and manageable. It is high in Ricinoleic acid that helps promote healthy hair growth shampoo. Use this nourishing shampoo to help enhance hair’s texture and boost shine.

This incredible shampoo does wonders for detoxifying and cleansing your tresses. It takes away dirt and other hair products left from styling. Hair becomes fresh, clean, and gorgeous.

The best feature of castor oil is its well-known ability to stimulate the hair follicles to help grow longer and stronger hair. Using the shampoo every day helps fight hair loss and improve hair regrowth. With continued use, you get longer, thicker tresses.   

The castor oil in the shampoo is not roasted. Roasting the oil increases its temperature, which contributes to the loss of important nutrients that castor oil provides. Cold pressing, on the other hand, helps preserve all the important vitamins and minerals that the oil contains. The cold pressing process ensures that your hair gets all the maximum benefits that castor oil brings. This is why Shiny Leaf only uses Organic Pressed Castor Oil in our shampoo.

Other Important Features of Castor Oil Shampoo:

  • Great for all hair types and hair color.
  • Moisturizing formula keeps hair nourished from root to tip.
  • Cleanses and De-Stresses hair.
  • Helps with hair loss and hair regrowth.
  • Provides a fresh and clean feeling with every use.
  • Safe to use every day.

For best results, use with Cold Pressed Castor Oil Conditioner and Organic Castor Oil.

CASTOR OIL GOODNESS IN A SHAMPOO – The best Cold Pressed Castor Oil from Shiny Leaf is now in your hair growth shampoo. We've made this amazing hair care product so you can reap the benefits of Castor oil as you wash your hair.
FOR HAIR GROWTH – Castor Oil is known to help fight hair loss by stimulating the follicles to help hair grow faster and thicker. The shampoo is rich in nutrients that help with healthy hair regrowth.
DETOXIFY, CLEANSE, AND CLARIFY – Pollution, dirt, and dust all contribute to making hair look dirty, itchy, and dry. Use Castor Oil hair growth Shampoo every day to keep tresses free of airborne elements that contribute to hair dullness. Get fresh and clean hair that shines.
MANAGEABLE HAIR – Make hair soft and easy to manage with this moisturizing shampoo. Healthy locks are easy to style and follow your every move. Bring back hair's beauty and radiance with this amazing shampoo.
SAFE FOR EVERY HAIR TYPE AND COLOR – The shampoo is great for every hair color and hair type. It even works on colored and treated hair. It is vegan-friendly and never tested on animals.