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RenewGlow is a formula developed by Skin Research Institute. It's based on recently released research that suggests Biotin deficiency leads to loss of hair and hair color. Biotin levels decrease with age and children often have the highest levels of Biotin in their bodies. It's no coincidence that children's hair and skin also tend to be the softest, shiniest, and most healthy hair and skin of any individuals RenewGlow's goal is to restore your hair and skin to youthful glory and provide some overall anti-aging benefits for your body. There's more scientific research about oxidation in the human body than ever before, with more studies popping up every day that show oxidation as one of the leading causes of aging. Oxidation creates free radicals which damage the body's cells and cause your body to age. RenewGlow's ample dosage of anti-oxidants is designed to prevent oxidation and neutralize free radicals so that you can stay young and beautiful for as long as possible.✓ Promotes Strong Full Hair – Healthy Skin – Harder Nails
✓ High Biotin Content (5000 mcgs per serving)
✓ High Antioxidant Level
✓ Newly Researched Compounds, such as Gotu Kola Extract and Amla Fruit Extract
✓ Made in the USA in lab registered with the FDA, Cruelty Free