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RESEARCH AND INNOVATION 27 styling gel adds shine to the hair and sets hair style naturally. This hair styling gel can be applied on natural wavy or curly hair, smoothing frizz and boosting volume, or on straight hair for extra shine and dimension. It can be used for a variety of hairstyles, such as wet-looks, tight ponytails and spikes, slick-backs. With 27 styling gel nothing is too challenging. This gel is a must have for any styling enthusiast that also cares about maintaining a healthy hair and scalp. 27 styling gel enables you to recreate any trend and achieve your desired look while stimulating follicles to produce new hair.
REKZE Laboratories believes in creating Earth-friendly hair care products that are not only gentle on the hair, but also on the environment. REKZE Laboratories hair styling products are formulated with a multitude of natural ingredients to provide high quality hair care that you can feel good about. 27 styling gel was specially created to deliver superior styling performance without harming hair, health or the environment.
Luminescine compound in the 27 styling gel nourishes, leaving hair feeling soft and light, and increasing hair radiance. Argan Oil and Keratin in this formula get to the roots and fight hair loss from the inside working by reversing the hair follicle and skin aging process, promoting a healthy hair. CAPIXYL is an anti-aging hair complex that helps preserve hair follicles stem cell activity. It also fights DHT and provides a thicker, fuller and healthier hair, while reducing scalp inflammations.
This natural-ingredient-rich strong hold styling gel is formulated with natural botanicals, including Apple fruit cell culture extract, Caffeine, Citric Acid, for hair health and perfect bounce and body. It is perfect for both men and women, and will hold your desired style in place all day long.DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED ~ 27 styling gel is a luxurious blend of highly effective active ingredients that help helping styling and shape hair, while promoting thicker, healthier hair. This styling gel gives existing hair strands more firmness and structure through ingredients such as LUMINESCINE, APPLE FRUIT CELL CULTURE EXTRACT, LYCOPENE, KERATIN, ARGAN OIL, ACID CITRIC, CAFFEINE, PROLINE, and CAPIXYL
FOR PROFESESSIONAL & HOME USE – EXCELLENT SUPPORT FOR ANY STYLE FOR MEN & WOMEN ~ This styling gel is great for all hair types, for men and women, and it is particularly recommended for people with thinning hair. Its blend of natural and effective ingredients is perfect to protect hair against damage caused by styling tools
HIGH PERFORMANCE – ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS ONTO THE HAIR ~ Infused with abundant effective ingredients, 27 styling gel offers dynamic styling and keeps hair follicles fully nourished. Our 27 styling gel is a special non-greasy formula, that dries quickly, and provides a strong hold, and it is perfect for individuals who are suffering from hair thinning
BUILDS VOLUME & TEXTURE WITH POWERFUL HOLD ~ Strong formula is very concentrated and works perfectly in small doses. It works to effectively hold hair in place without leaving white residue film on hair. 27 styling gel also nourishes hair follicles with essential nutrients to reverse any damage and help begin the healing process
LONG-LASTING & QUICK DRYING ~ non-greasy formula, that dries quickly, and provides a strong hold, and it is perfect for individuals who are suffering from hair thinning