HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Just want to add a quick disclaimer that people with heart conditions should not try the inversion method and anyone with sinus conditions may find this uncomfortable. In today's video I try out 1 week hair growth hacks and see if they work! Obviously everyone will get different results but this is just how it worked on mine.

I put the inversion method to the test as well as different oil treatments for hair growth. I figured I would combine a couple different hair growth hacks since there are so many out there. I did the inversion method for one week straight as well as 3 oil treatments.

If you guys would like to see me test out the “grow your hair overnight” hair hack then let me know in the comments below! Also let me know if any of you have tried out these hair growth methods and if they worked for you! Feel free to leave comments about other hair growth hacks that you guys have heard of!

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