1:34 The ASMR inducing head massager
3:57 Head massage & hair sounds
5:32 Hand movements and shadows
11:14 Towel sounds, smoothing and putting it over you
14:14 Hair brush & comb show and tell with sounds
22:24 Brushing your hair with sounds
27:23 Spraying your hair with water
29:12 Combing your hair through
30:34 Cutting your hair, scissor sounds
41:09 Smoothing your hair down
43:13 Brushing the hair from your neck and over your ears

Hello my lovely friends. Thank you for your patience, this was intended for a day earlier but I had editing issues. So this would be my fifth ASMR haircut video but I have never made one all the way through from this perspective so I had to get to out of my system! I hope you enjoy it. All of the triggers are a little longer than usual as per many requests.
My love to you this week, I hope it's filled with lots of positivity for you. Take care XX Emma XX …. ps. other haircut videos listed below.

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