Long Hair Brushing

Long Hair Brushing

Asmr – Brushing my friend Jenny’s long hair and hairplay – Relaxing/Tingly


Hey all ! Enjoy this video I did with my lovely friend Jenny :) She has gorgeous long hair and I get to play with it n brush it. Used my Zoom H5 for the sounds . Thanks for watching! please click the like button and please subscribe to my channel :) minx xxx
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Long Hair Brushing

Super Long Relaxing ASMR Haircut ✂︎ Head Massage, Hair Brushing, 11 Triggers


1:34 The ASMR inducing head massager
3:57 Head massage & hair sounds
5:32 Hand movements and shadows
11:14 Towel sounds, smoothing and putting it over you
14:14 Hair brush & comb show and tell with sounds
22:24 Brushing your hair with sounds
27:23 Spraying your hair with water
29:12 Combing your hair through
30:34 Cutting your hair, scissor sounds
41:09 Smoothing your hair down
43:13 Brushing the hair from your neck and over your ears

Hello my lovely friends. Thank you for your patience, this was intended for a day earlier but I had editing issues. So this would be my fifth ASMR haircut video but I have never made one all the way through from this perspective so I had to get to out of my system! I hope you enjoy it. All of the triggers are a little longer than usual as per many requests.
My love to you this week, I hope it's filled with lots of positivity for you. Take care XX Emma XX …. ps. other haircut videos listed below.

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4th Haircut with blow drying and guided meditation –

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Long Hair Brushing

ASMR Very Relaxing Hair Brushing Long Hair & Brush Tapping | MIC ON BRUSH!


Hello my lovelies!

I really hope you enjoy this requested video. For extra tingles I have attached my microphone to my brush so give intense brush sounds. At the beginning I will be lightly tapping and playing with the brush for triggers, and then move on to around 15 minutes of just hair brushing with no talking.

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Long Hair Brushing

ASMR Long Hair Brushing and Hair Play | ASMR | Tapping Wood | Brushing


ASMR Long Hair Brushing and Hair Play ASMR Tapping Wood Brushing

Hey all! A couple people requested a video like this so I oblige.

I do mainly brushing but also some tapping sounds and whispering throughout the entire video.

~ Equipment Used ~ – camera – 35mm lens – recorder – binaural microphones


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ASMR Bluewhisper ASMR


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Long Hair Brushing

ASMR Hair Styling For Long Hair with Hair Brushing Sounds, Soft Spoken, Katie & Corey


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ASMR Hair Styling For Long Hair with Hair Brushing Sounds, Soft Spoken, Katie & Corey

Enjoy this ASMR Hair Styling video featuring brushing, teasing, curling and more! This hair play video by Katie Beth will help you relax and drift off to sleep!! Enjoy the asmr spa, makeup, hair style or Corey Kay!

❤❤❤Discover the world’s BEST natural techniques, Remedies and nutrients you NEED to know to STOP hair loss… Plus growing hair faster and more. ❤❤❤



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Long Hair Brushing

ASMR Long Hair Straightening | Hair Brushing Sounds | No Talking


Hello dear people,
You can never know how I've missed the frequent ASMR making. Lately, life is full of changes (good ones, don't worry) then I was unfortunate about finding time or the conditions to be here for you.
Here is what I love the most in the ASMR scene: hair and hair =)
Let me tease you a little bit, the next video is all about hair too!

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Long Hair Brushing

ASMR Long Hair Brushing & French Braiding


I braided my little sister's hair =)

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I take requests – comment below!

Also – I know it looks like I'm using a lot of force with the brush – don't worry, it's a special type of brush that doesn't tug on the hair.

Get This Brush Here! Ambassador Hairbrush, Ashwood Large Oval, Wood Pins

Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (




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Long Hair Brushing

ASMR Brushing Long Hair


ASMR Brushing Long Hair
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