Long Hair Brushing

Long Hair Brushing

ASMR Long Hair Long Brushing | No Talking


Hey you,
In this video you can expect a plain long hair brushing with no more drama other than that 🙂
You may hear sweet little sleeping baby sounds, I hope it doesn't hurt the sensation.
Stay tuned for a requested video: Heavy hair oiling with coconut oil – the traditional Indian way.

My last Long Hair Treatment video:

Sweet dreams!

This is an ASMR video – dedicated to A relaxing visuals and sounds. If you don't know what ASMR is, please Google it.

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Long Hair Brushing

ASMR BINAURAL Long Hair Brushing, Ear Cupping & Touching – Soft Spoken (A New Year, A New Channel)


Hello and Happy New Year!!!

So it's officially 2016 and I thought I would celebrate by making my first ASMR video for my new channel 🙂 I just wanted to do a little introduction really, although I'm too sure how informative this was. This video is mostly ear to ear soft spoken, with a little whispering too and an assortment of brushing, ear cupping and ear massaging sounds. I hope someone will like this video and get some relaxation or tingles from it! Thank you for watching and please feel free to leave requests, I will do my best to fulfil them (as long as they are ones I feel comfortable with) 🙂 xxx

00.01 – 04.00 – soft speaking with a little gentle ear touching
04.01 – 05.48 – playing with hair brush bristles
05.49 – 09.15 – brushing my long hair, ear to ear
09.16 – 11.12 – brushing ears with makeup (kabuki) brush
11.14 – 15.06 – ear cupping, touching, massage etc. (no talking at this point)
15.07 – end – a whispered goodbye 😉


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Long Hair Brushing

♡ASMR ♡ Long Hair Brushing/Playing/Braiding ♡ (No Talking) ♡


❀ Hi friends, ❀
I hope you'll enjoy this hair play/ hair brushing/ hair braiding video ^-^

Make sure to leave me a comment, I love reading them all and connecting with you !♡

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╭☆╯Thank you for watching, ╰☆╮
♥ ♡ Lots of love, Maple ♡ ♥


What is ASMR? :


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Long Hair Brushing

ASMR Long Hair Brushing | Long Nail Tapping | Hair Play | Red Lips


Hi all! I hope you enjoy this quirky little hair brushing video!
I've FINALLY moved in to my new home and just finished packing (phew). That being said, I will be catching up on some private ASMR videos within the following week and will start pumping out more channel videos per usual!

Stay tuned for new
– nail tapping –
– dental cleaning –
– secretary role plays –
– ice cream eating –
and much more coming soon!

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xoxo Juniper


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Long Hair Brushing

RealRapunzels – Classic length hair playing and brushing trailer


This is the preview video for the new beautiful long hair clip at the RealRapunzels clip store! Go check out the store after you have watched this video 🙂

Store link:
Videoclip link:

Videoclip description:

Ann loves her long, brunette classic length hair, and she knows that you do too!
Its very silky and shiny, and it looks sooo healthy and good!
She is very proud of her hair and shows that very clearly in this video. She makes a bun, ponytail, folded ponytail and she brushes her hair. She does most of the hairbrushing with her own fingers instead of her brush! She also loves how silky it feels to run her fingers through it!
Do not miss this supersexy long hair video, reat hair and great video quality!

Video is 12 minutes and 30 secons in length, ENJOY!
The video has no sound, but trust me, you don´t need sound here, you just need to see the video 🙂


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Long Hair Brushing



Tips to avoid damaging your long hair you've worked so hard on growing!



▸CAMERA – 70D + SIGMA 30MM f1.4



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Long Hair Brushing

ASMR Long Hair Treatment | Brushing | Shampooing | Running Water


Hey tingle sicker,

0:08 brushing on a dry hair
5:40 Hair washing
6:56 Shampoo and scalp massage
11:58 Hair washing
13:42 Hair Conditioner
18:03 Hair washing
21:43 brushing on a wet hair
24:12 Wiping with towel

Check out the previouse hair nutrition video:
Check out the male grooming session:

Tell me everything on your mind,

This is an ASMR video – dedicated to A relaxing visuals and sounds.
If you don't know what ASMR is, please Google it.

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Long Hair Brushing

Long Hair play . Brushing and my drop bun. Мои Волосы Elizaveta Rapunzel


ПРЕДЛАГАЮ свой Метод Отращивания Волос на моем канале –
ЧЕМ Я ПОЛЬЗУЮСЬ ДЛЯ ВОЛОС ( I use for my hair ):
Касторовое масло –
ЭМ Иланг-Иланг –
Кокосовое масло –
Шампунь для деток и для себя –
ЭМ Лаванды –
Эфирное масло Бэй (Bay) –
Эфирное масло Розмарина –
Мой СЛЕДУЮЩИЙ ЗАКАЗ ( Подпитка ВОЛОС изнутри) :
Биотин –
Витамины группы Б –
ПО УХОДУ за КОЖЕЙ и т.д. )) пользуюсь :
Скраб для лица и тела Дезодорант Кристал- Масло какао в тубе –
ЭМ Апельсина –
ЭМ Эвкалипта –
Масло Жожоба –
Масло Авокадо –
Масло Ши –
Гель для умывания –
Тоник после умывания –
Гель от Акне на травах –
Шиммер для губ –
Любимый бальзам для губ Ванильный –
Кисти Эко Тулз –
Для детей понравилось :
Лецитин (нам доктор прописывал , хорошо для нервной системы) –
Шампуньчик –
ВОСПОЛЬЗУЙТЕСЬ кодом JPV120 для получения скидки от 5 – 10 $ при первом заказе 🙂

Для развития канала:

Вебмани (в дол) – Z617284444115
Вебмани (в грн)- U637653023725
Вебмани (в рубл.) – R331006876980

Карта ПриватБанк (в дол)- 5168 7420 2376 9767
Карта ПриватБанк (в рублях) – 5168 7420 1496 8071
Карта ПриватБанк ( в грн) – 4731 1856 0826 2025


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