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If until now you are still bothered about how to grow your hair, do not worry. There are actually a multitude of hair tips and tricks that you will come across when you do research on the internet. All you will need to do is dig deeper for more information that will divulge to you the true secrets of growing hair fast and easy. Here are just some hair care tips and blips that you may find useful in making your hair grow fast in no time:

1. Do not over wash your hair.

Although you may wish to clean your hair thoroughly, keep in mind that doing it too much can also be bad. Washing your hair very often can actually lead to dryness, split-ends and breakage that is why it is very important to minimize the washing of your hair. It would be very good if you can just trim down your hair washing to every 3 days. Otherwise, you might just end up losing your hair's natural oils and eventually you will wind up sporting brittle and absolutely dull hair.


2. Choose your hairbrush and comb really well.

Aside from possibly over washing your mane, there is one more thing you will need to avoid and that is over brushing or over combing your tresses. That is why it pays to arm yourself with the right kind of brush or comb so that your locks will be protected from any possible damage. If you have thick hair, make sure you find a comb that is wide-toothed.

Never go for a brush or comb that has very pointy or sharp bristles or else you might just get irritations in your scalp. Instead, you may opt for the so-called boar bristle hairbrush. To brush your hair correctly, position your brush or comb on your scalp and brush all the way going to ends of each hair strand. It is believed that as you do such, you are actually pulling out the natural oils from your hair. Make sure that when you brush or comb your hair, you will do it using a circular motion.

3. Be Selective About Hair Products

Last but not least, in knowing how to grow your hair, it is crucial that you be selective with the kinds of products you will use for your mane. First thing you should do when confronted with a new hair growing or straightening product is to check on the possible ingredients that make it up. That way, you will know if the one you are planning to use contains some peroxides or not. After all; peroxides are known to be very harsh chemicals not suitable for anyone's hair.

4. Go For Natural Hair Coloring

If you are really bent on coloring your hair, make sure you do not use the ones made with harsh chemicals. As a substitute, you may try looking for natural henna to color your hair. Henna can give your hair the natural color you want without damaging your hair strands at all. Follow all four tips on how to grow your hair and you will surely be delighted with the results you will get in no time!

Still Having problems about how you can make hair grow faster and longer? If you have 2 minutes, then I will show you how I make my hair grow faster, longer, thicker, silkier, shinier, manageable, and more beautiful hair in just 15 days!

You will be able to wear any hairstyle you want. (Because your hair grows at a super fast rate – 2-3 inches a month – you can change your hairstyle as often as you want without fear or hesitation!). Men will compliment and admire you. You will instantly look 10 years younger than your calendar age with longer, beautiful, flowing, non-graying hair! To see what I used, visit

so today I wanted share with you guy my trick to have longer hair !!!



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Healthy Long Hair Grow/Care Tips & Tricks from Bhavna | Food, Yoga and more


Food that promotes healthy long hair growth:
Protein food such as lentils, beans, legumes
Iron from greens or Iron fortified food
Beta Carotene from sweet potato, carrot
Nuts such as walnuts, almonds
Vitamin C from fruits and other Vitamins from Vegetables
Colorful Peppers -Eat vibrant, live vibrant!
Yoga/Exercise for Hair
Exercise is just as important as a healthy diet when it comes to growing your hair back. Exercise helps to reduce stress, which often contributes to hair loss.
Asanas that are beneficial for hair-loss are:

All forward bending asanas enhances blood circulation in the head or the crown region. This in turn nourishes the roots of the hair and as a result one can observe the changes in the hair over a period of time. Here are the few asanas one must try!!

1. Adho Mukha Savasana

Downward dog pose, provides good circulation to the head and is good for sinus and common cold also. It is also helpful for mental tiredness, depression and insomnia.

2. Utthanasana

Standing forward pose, helps in reducing fatigue and tiredness. Good in menopause and also improves digestion.

3. Vajrasana

It is also called diamond pose. Unlike other asanas it can be done immediately after eating your food. It helps in urinary disorders, weight loss and digestion and also reduces gas in stomach.

4. Apanasana

Apana refers to the prana or energy of you digestive tract, that aids in purifying and eliminating toxins. And this pose gives clarity to the mind. It relieves constipation.

5. Pavanmukthasana

It reduces gas, and helps digestion. The muscles of lower back are strengthened. It also reduces fat of abdomen and buttocks.

6. Sarvangasana

It helps to nourish the thyroid gland, which means healthy function of respiratory, alimentary, genital and nervous system.

Beneficial Pranayamas for hair-loss:

1. Kapalbhati Pranayam

The brain cells receive more oxygen so it is good for the nervous system, removes toxins from the body and cures obesity, diabetes

2. Bhastrika Pranayam

It helps remove excess wind, bile and phlegm in the body and purifies the nervous system; preventing all kinds of diseases in the body.

3. Naadi Shodhan Pranayam

It helps to treat heart problems, asthama and arthritis, depression, migrane, stress and eye and ear problems also.
Many of you requested for my daily hair care routine and I listened to it and so now here you go….my first ever video on taking care of hair.
Style begins at 40: Women in their forties are the most confident about their beauty, fashion, career and more…something like that is happening with me…lol!
I never cared how I looked before but as I am close to 40, now I think more about how I look, what I wear and much more.


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Long Hair Care

Hair Care Routine: Tips for Growing Long and Healthy Hair


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Wavy Hair Tutorial:
How the Wavy Hair Tutorial looks the morning after:

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Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate, and subscribe! In this video, I show 10 tips on how to grow your hair out long and fast. This advice will help you get your hair below your waist and achieve healthier hair fast. Your locks will look shiny and glossy. I also share my hair care routine and products used. My shampoo and conditioner are the brand Biosilk. I style my blonde hair natural using no heat. I don't dye my hair or damage it by using a straightener or curling iron. No heat hairstyles are great for less damage. I hope this tutorial helps you grow out your hair super long and healthy.


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Long Hair Care

My Hair Care Routine: LONG HAIR


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Disclaimer: I am not a physician, dermatologist or specialist. Do not use any ingredients I speak about or show in any of my social media including YouTube if you think you may be allergic or have a negative reaction including to any of my DIY products. My homemade skincare has helped me with my own skin. Do a patch test to all of my DIY'S before using them over large areas of body or internally.


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Hair Tips

Hair Care Routine & Tips for Growing Hair Long Fast!


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How to Grow your Hair Fast




Just by knowing how to grow long eyelashes can give you an attractive look at all times. Long eyelashes are considered attractive, not only for women but for gentlemen as well. Regrettably, we are not all blessed with lovely sweepers so how do we get them?3 SECRETS TO GET LONG EYELASHES

Using good volumizing mascara and an eyelash curler remain the cheapest options for the illusion of long eyelashes. Normally, mascara comes with a base coat and a top coat to add extra volume. The major cosmetic companies are increasingly coming up with new formulas that improve the volume and length of the lashes, but these mascaras can sometimes be clumpy and very difficult to remove.

Using false eyelashes is probably the most popular option and will produce an almost instant appearance of thick and long eyelashes. However, as false eyelashes last no more than one day, many choose a slightly longer lasting options like eyelash extensions or implants.

“The truth is that no food is really bad for your skin.”

An effective way to grow long eyelashes is to use an eyelash growth serum. These serums are applied close to the eye line nightly after carefully removing any makeup. After approximately two to four weeks, you will notice an improvement in the appearance of your lashes. Some of these serums have shown very good results on testing so are certainly worth considering. You do not need to pay a fortune for these serums, and a container will last for around three months if used properly. If you use more than suggested this will not benefit you anymore and may even make your eyes sore.

In the same way that your diet affects the condition of your skin and head hair, it will also affect your eyelashes. The natural methods you can use include eating healthily and balancing the vitamins and nutrients in the diet. Some people think that conditioning the lashes with olive oil will help, but there is little evidence of this. Vitamin E has also been suggested to act as a stimulator for long eyelashes. It is also a well known phenomenon that by cutting the hair that this will induce growth, but as eyelashes are not expected to grow as long as your head hair (now, wouldn't we look strange with shoulder length lashes!), you must only trim the very tips of the lashes.

These are the main ways to grow long eyelashes or acquire the same look. IMHO, some options are more suited to women, but if you want the look, you can get it by using some of methods above!

End slide music:
CMA – without you



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How to Grow your Hair Fast

How To Grow Long Eyelashes FAST! (Guaranteed Longer Eyelashes)


“How to grow long eyelashes FAST! (Guaranteed Longer Eyelashes)” get this to 20,000 likes for more DIY's!
How to get long eyelashes naturally rather depends on how you define “naturally”. Here, we are going to define it as being able to grow your own eyelashes so that they become longer, thicker and better conditioned. I'll explain why a little later.


Science has been kind to us of late, and if we are born with short, stubby and thin lashes, have suffered an accident or have lost eyelashes because of illness or medications, products have been developed that can be used to improve the condition and volume of your eyelashes. Such products are useful as not all of us want to use false eyelashes, have eyelash implants or extensions. Although you can get ‘natural' false eyelashes if you buy the mink hair ones, these do not appeal to everyone.

So, how to get long eyelashes naturally. The easiest way is to use eyelash growth products. Now, these growth products are not completely natural in the true sense of the word, although they do contain ingredients such as wheat germ, kelp, chamomile and nettle. However, they do also contain some of those things you can't pronounce such as Phenoxyethanol (used to kill bacteria and stabilize the formulation), so what price beauty! Now Phenoxyethanol is actually an organic compound, but many cosmetic manufacturers buy in a cheaper synthetic for their products. Without wishing to spread any concern about any possible dangers of using these products as the majority, it is wise to read any small print. The majority of products you can buy have been deemed safe to use by various governing bodies in different countries. But if you do feel really strongly about this type of thing as many do, I am sure you will avoid them anyway.

Why Do Some Women Seem To Have
The Magic Ability To Have Dewy, Radiant,
“Perma-Glow Looks Without Even Trying?

Eyelash growth products work by applying a serum to the base of the lashes (both upper and lower if required) at least once a day, sometimes twice depending on the product you choose. This is usually done at night after gently removing all traces of makeup. It takes around 2 to 4 weeks to see a difference and you should notice the lashes are thicker, longer and in a better condition. Go for a product that has information of clinical trials so you know it works. A word of note, to maintain those thick lashes you will need to continue to use the product. Missing the odd day will not make much difference, but in general it is logically to assume you need to keep using it.

Prices for an eyelash growth serum vary considerably, but usually you don't need the most expensive and the cheapest may not be best, choose a middle priced one. Around $40 should see you through 2-3 months if used as recommended so the cost isn't that great.

How to get long eyelashes naturally isn't as simple as it may seem, check the product ingredients out for yourself and decide whether you want to use an eyelash grower serum for yourself.
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Disclaimer: This is not even remotely sponsored


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